The Hoff House

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Civil War Era Home The Hoff House

The Hoff House, located in Stockton, Missouri was originally built in 1854.  This historical farmhouse was occupied by Union Soldiers during the Civil War and was sold to Civil War veteran W.D. Hoff after the war ended.  The Hoff House remained in the Hoff family for many generations and has been named in their honor.  The house was purchased and refurbished by the late Missouri Representative J.B. Mitchell in the 1980's.

On May 4th, 2003, an F4 tornado destroyed the town of Stockton taking much of The Hoff House with it.  Between 2003 and 2007, current owners John and Carrie Mitchell rebuilt the house.  Though newly constructed, the house still retains it's original charm.  Many materials from the home were salvaged and used in rebuilding.  The home still rests on it's original foundation and includes the original hand hewn oak and walnut beams.  The wood pinned oak framing, the staircase and the chimney stones are still integral parts of The Hoff House design. 
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